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Stats vs Math minor :confused:

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    I'm a computer engineering major and I would like to work designing hardware and systems. I believe I'm a great inventor and think in a very abstract fashion. My grades on non math classes stink, but my math and physics grades are well above the "A" curve. Scoring from 85-100 on exams. points of for the dyslexic moments not for lack of understanding. My 'dream' employer would be for the govmnt protecting our nation (US). They like to hire mathematicians among other scientists. for either minor I have to take four courses. Which of the minors if any would look better for my prospective employer? In the case of math which are some good courses to take? My math experience is the typical 3 semester calculus sequence, discrete math (didn't take anything away from this class but a little bit of different things such as set, graph theory, algorithms) and differential equations. :bugeye:
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    I'm not exactly the most knowledgable member here, but you and I share the same career goal (U.S. defense).

    From everyone that I've talked to, it seems that more stats classes is always welcome, especially if you're after a CE degree.
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    Maybe shoot off an email to HR for a defense firm and see what they say? I know some people who work in Detroit and do some military stuff. I could try to look into it, though I can't guarantee any sort of speedy reply.
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    Don't ignore the importance of your non-science classes (English, History, etc.). No matter what you end up doing for a career, it's likely that you'll be required to communicate proficiently, both verbally and in writing. If you have a learning disability, most institutions have programs that can help you.
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    I've already passed all the required non technical classes like English, etc. I don't think I'll take anything away from taking more as electives but an undesirable grade. I recognize the importance of communication, but I'll learn it from experience if I can ever learn it at all. Nat. Sec. Agency is coming to campus for the career fair. I'll ask the reps at the booth but I don't know if they are the most knowledgable. Since everything is confidential in a need to know basis. That's who I would want to work for most, in the "build what we can't buy" field. I know a big part of the agency's job is cryptography and cryptoanalysis. As a hardware guy it may seem unrelated, but creating reconfigurable computers specialising on that purpose meshes the different fields. Sorry if I caused confusing but I really don't want to work for the military persay.
    I'd also like to restate, what would be some good courses to take? Thank you all for your invaluable input.
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