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Status and proofs on Superstring Unified Field Theory ?

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    So yet we have the Standard Model which tries to explain and unify the 4 fundamental forces or atleast 3 for now since the gravity is not quite well understood in particle physics.So people search for a theory of everything which unifies all forces and yet we didn't found any good theory as such.Even Stephen Hawking abandoned the idea of TOE.We also know that the Grand Unified Theory is proven with the latest reports on the Higgs boson.So in further attempts to unify GUT with gravity and create a TOE,the Superstring Unified Field Theory was created.I'm particulary curious if this theory can stand with our current knowledge ? Are there any proofs for it ? What is the status on it's developement and what is your opinion about it ,do you think it is real or just a speculation?
    (I know that superstring theory in general has not any proof on extra dimensions and supersymmetry but i`m curious about this theory in particular)
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    No it isn't. Who told you this? Can you link what you read that implied it? We need to find out what was originally said that has come across wrong.

    While interesting, this is an unrelated question and should probably belong in BTSM.
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    1) Well it's not well documented yet but i`m sure somebody will find a way to couple the strong interaction with the electroweak one.My bad for the wrong formulation, although the mathemathical model of the standard model is based on the symmetries between SU3 SU2 AND U1 so it's just a step ahead to unify it.I don't see the problem here,the SM was ment to be the unification of the 3 forces and a little hope to find out something about gravity as well.The extra dimensions and additional fields whats the problem with that? String theory,Superstring theory and Quantum field theory is based upon those as well yet we use those aswell.Those extra dimensions should only be mathematical to help us formulate a good model,whether it is real or not,thats philosophy.

    2) As for the question,my question was how real and proven is the Superstring Unified Field theory,it's a new one,I`ve read about it in a paper and it claimed that it unified everything.
    I wish to know about the validity of this theory.Thats all i wish to know.Have a nice day!
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    Regarding 1) yes, there are many more or less straighforward GUT models like SU(5), SO(10), ... which could unify the SM gauge groups. The problem is that these GUT gauge groups come with additional gauge bosons (*) i.e. new forces. Most of them predict proton decay and other effects and have been ruled out experimentally decades ago. Afaik there is no simpe GUT model left. The best choice are SUSY-GUTs which are far from simple.


    (*) in the SM you have 1 + 3 + 8 = 12 gauge bosons; in SU(5) you have 24.
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