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Steady State Torque for a Quadcopter

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    My partner and I are working on a quadcopter, but we can't seem to find the correct equation we need for the counteracting steady state torque that is applied by the chassis to the motor. Obviously it would have the same magnitude of the state state torque of the propeller, but in the opposite direction. How can I find the state torque of the propeller?

    (keep in mind that it is not essentially: Torque = (Inertia of the prop) * (angular acceleration), since the angular acceleration is zero when the propeller is spinning at a constant rpm.
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    a quick google search turned up this project. someone did a project that involves torque on a quadcopter. hope it helps
    http://www.eit.lth.se/fileadmin/eit/courses/edi021/Sammanfattning/2008/LP-4/grupp1/rapport.pdf" [Broken]

    The first few pages are not in english but if you scroll down there is a reference section that is in english and explains a lot of things about quadcops and talks about torque somewhere around page 46. it also has some equations and diagrams so maybe you can figure something out from it.

    normally i dont think there would be one single generalised equation for steady state torque but i could be wrong.
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