What is Quadcopter: Definition and 25 Discussions

A quadcopter or quadrotor is a type of helicopter with four rotors.Although quadrotor helicopters and convertiplanes have long been flown experimentally, the configuration remained a curiosity until the arrival of the modern UAV or drone. The small size and low inertia of drones allows use of a particularly simple flight control system, which has greatly increased the practicality of the small quadrotor in this application.

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  1. bland

    B Strapped to a quadcopter in zero gravity

    I was wondering... imagine a large enclosed space sealed off in intergalactic space, filled with air at normal sea level pressure. I was further wondering with regard to a quadcopter's symmetrical x and y-axis and the fact of the thrust vector always being normal to the plane of the props, that...
  2. prashantakerkar

    Calculators Smartphones apps for accessing Quadcopter Drones

    Is it feasible to design and development Smartphones apps which will access,control & monitor quadcopter Drones operating at 2.4 GHz & 9.8 GHz wireless frequencies? Thanks & Regards, Prashant S Akerkar
  3. J

    What disciplines do I need for building a Quadcopter?

    Hi everybody, new to the forums :) I have a personal dream to build a drone/quadcopter from scratch. I'm aware it's not an easy task, and I've also searched this forum (and Google) for similar threads before posting: Drone Building Building a Quadcopter (links to what seems like a useful PDF)...
  4. B

    The total moment when rolling

    Hey, everyone, I have a question regarding quadcopters, when the set of the arms is of configuration X, to roll we increase the velocity of the two motors on the left/right and decrease the other motors on right/left, the question is when doing so the total angular velocity is zero that means...
  5. K

    Can yaw motion still occur in a quadcopter in vacuum?

    So I recently developed an interest in quad-rotors and was getting stated with its dynamics. I am particularly intrigued by the yaw motion of a quad-copter which comes into effect as a result of torques of the motors. When the motor torques are variable, we observe the yaw motion as result of a...
  6. meshein

    Senior Project - Quadcopter with Rotating Arms

    Hello, I am working on a senior project right now and I need some assistance with determining the torque required to rotate an arm with a propeller attached to it. Any of the 4 arms can be rotated to control the direction of travel. The idea is the control system will have a consistent set...
  7. B

    Quadcopter Drone Uses and Potential Applications | Mini-Drone Review

    https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0111O7VIC/?tag=pfamazon01-20 I tried my nephew mini-drone inside my room and it's quite interesting.. it can hover in mid air and you can really navigate it. Some questions. 1. Sometimes there are flying cockroaches in my room. Can the minidrones propellers kill them...
  8. D

    Simplified: Equations of Motion of a Quadcopter

    Hello! I've been looking into the equations of motions of a quadcopter with an x-config. The only thing I've found was http://www.inase.org/library/2014/santorini/bypaper/SYSTEMS/SYSTEMS1-07.pdf, but it seems complicated. Could someone explain the equation of motions, and how they were arrived...
  9. G

    Technology behind camera drones with "follow" function

    Hi. Most modern camera quadcopters (drones) have a "follow" function, allowing them to follow and film a person. The DJI Phantom 4 does this by optical tracking, most other brands require that the person carry a smartphone or other wearable. How does this work? I assume the smartphone or...
  10. M

    Vibration absorber for a quadcopter?

    Homework Statement I am supposed to examine the effectiveness of a vibration absorber design for a quad copter. Attached is a picture of the quad copter and the design; basically each of the spring dampers would be attached to an arm of the copter. In the case of a single quad copter arm, what...
  11. S

    Equations of motion for 4 dof

    Hi all, I'm working on a project to control the angles of a beam(purple) with a quadcopter(orange),see figure below. The angles for both the ground-beam and beam-quadcopter will be measured with joysticks, so only roll and pitch angles will be measured and the yaw rotation is fixed. To obtain...
  12. Metals

    Propellers on an RC Quadcopter?

    Hey forum, So I plan on creating a remote controlled quadcopter and I have a query regarding its propellers' sizes. I read that small propellers require motors with a high KV (RPM per volt), and large propellers need motors with a lower KV. There seems to be a way of determining how to match...
  13. Redbelly98

    New drone is quadcopter-plane hybrid

    I saw this on Yahoo news earlier today. http://news.yahoo.com/belgian-drone-mixes-plane-quadcopter-technology-120407999.html?bcmt=1453122222785-ab7269f0-75d2-46ff-a4ad-24a433f07605&bcmt_s=u#mediacommentsugc_container From the article: The article is sadly lacking any photos of the drone, but a...
  14. Daren Zomerman

    Airflow on/around quadcopter drone

    Hello, I'm a journalist interested in using an air-quality sensor on a drone, and I'm wondering how the airflow will affect the readings. This would be assuming that I will use a DJ Phantom 2 quadcopter with a GoPro underneath, the drone specs can be found at this link. For the project, we...
  15. S

    Virtual Work & Quadcopter Torques: Exploring Rotational Dynamics

    Here is what we know from virtual work: $$ \delta W=\sum_{i=1}^N{\vec F_i\cdot\delta\vec r_{i}} $$ Where ##N## is the number of bodies in the system. I am considering a quadcopter, modeled as a rigid body so it is just one body and we have: $$ \delta W=\vec F\cdot\delta\vec r $$ My question...
  16. L

    Water/land detection/differentiation from a quadcopter

    Hello, I want to have a quadcopter drone type set up which can tell how far from land it is. I would go for GPS but I want it to take into consideration the tide, and in general I'm only talking a distance of 50-200m (within shore fishing distance). The ideal system would be a drone that can...
  17. rajrocks

    Quadcopter or drone robots designing

    Hello everyone ! Its very first post here & with the go i want to know about basic reasons behind the liftup of quadcopters or drone going popular these days. Is it the propeller designing motor weight & speed battery power etc ...
  18. C

    Classical Looking for a good book explaining physics of a quadcopter

    I want to build and program a quad copter as a part of my masters work. I would like ot be pointed in the right driection on a good book. I do not want a set of directions to build a rc toy, I have those. I am interested in a book that will cover the basics and equations involved in calculating...
  19. A

    Understanding Quadcopter Stability: Exploring Uniquely Unstable Technology

    Hello everyone, Recently I've been looking at quadcopter technology. While looking through literature, I noticed that most people mention that a quadcopter is inherently unstable but no reasoning is provided. I looked a bit at the EOMs but that's a big mess that I don't have time for yet. I...
  20. Monsterboy

    Building a Quadcopter - Calculate Arm Length

    Hi , I am building a Quadcopter ,i am not sure how to decide(or calculate) the length of the 4 arms .I know that it depends on the propeller size ,i am not sure if any other parameters are involved ,is there any formula to find the length using the parameter(s)?
  21. S

    Stress analysis of quadcopter part

    Hi Everyone, I am a student studying civil engineering and want to do a stress analysis on a part I have made in Solidworks (CAD software). However, it is somewhat complex for handcalculation purposes, so I have simplified it down. I want to run a full ansys simulation on the part, however I...
  22. R

    Maximizing Quadcopter Power: Best Wire Options for Lightweight Tether Design

    I am trying to build a quadcopter that is powered from the ground. The quadcopter requires 800-1000 watts when at full power. I want to send high voltage DC up the tether so the overall gauge of the wire is smaller, and therefore lightweight. Lifting capacity of the quad is 15lbs, so I...
  23. W

    Quadcopter without propeller (with hidden propeller)

    Hello everyone, First, I'm sorry about my bad english, if something you don't understand correctly, please ask me, so I'll try to explain it. _______ My idea is a quadcopter without propellers, actually the propellers are hidden. This idea comes from this video. It's a "bladeless fan" or an...
  24. D

    Building a Quadcopter from Scratch - Tips & Resources

    I am planning to build a quadcopter from the scratch. I tried to do some research online, and am not happy with what I found. Everyone used Aurdino boards, and just connected the parts together. eg. http://aeroquad.com/ I want to build all electronic components myself like wireless FM...
  25. V

    Steady State Torque for a Quadcopter

    My partner and I are working on a quadcopter, but we can't seem to find the correct equation we need for the counteracting steady state torque that is applied by the chassis to the motor. Obviously it would have the same magnitude of the state state torque of the propeller, but in the opposite...