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Medical Stepped on a very long upholstery tack

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    Yesterday morning, I stepped on a very long upholstery tack that was totally rusty and disgusting. It went in so deep that I had to have someone remove it for me and it bled because it was such a deep puncture wound. It hurt like crazy but was bearable. It went in right underneath my 2nd smallest toe. The later the day went on. the more extreme the pain became. Finally at 12:30 this morning, I had to have my husband take me to the ER because it was so swollen, I couldn't stand ANY pressure on it and I had red lines going up the top of my foot and lower leg. The hospital gave me a tetnus shot, a shot of pain medication, an oral antibiotic and a shot that hurt like crazy that was also an antibiotic. Today, my foot feels a lot better but still hurts, but I feel so weak and nauseated. Does anyone know why and know what I should do?
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    Re: What Should I Do?

    This isn't what the Suggestion link is for. It's for suggesting changes to the forum. Also, people are not allowed to give out medical advice on this forum.

    And, just in case you didn't look closely enough, this is not a physicians forum.
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    Re: What Should I Do?

    Lol Borg!!!

    Masterson, go to a doctor.
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    'Red lines' is not a good sign. Definitely see a doctor. Besides tetanus (Clostridium tetani), there is the possibility of a staph (Staphylococcus) infection, which in the blood stream could produce septicemia or sepsis.
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