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Stewart Single Variable Calculus 6E.

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    Hi every one,

    I am supposed to help/tutor a student who is using this book:Stewart Single Variable Calculus 6E. He is in chapter 3. I am very good at calculus, but learned from lectures. Never used books. That is how it is done in my country:). Could any one let me know what are the contends of this book so that I can review appropriately. Also, could you suggest an online resource that is very similar to the contends of this book. I am kind of nervous to face him without knowing the difficulty level of this book...Helppp...............

    Thank you very much. Any support is appreciated.
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    Thanks for the quick response. At Amazon, I searched, hoping to purchase, for the title 'Stewart Single Variable Calculus 6E'. Amazon lists a bunch of books by James Stewart with the book title 'Calculus'. Couldn't find the exact title the student provided me. Any idea why this is?

    Note: Amazon now allows you to read the book online, if you purchase.


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    There are two main books, the early transcendental and the regular one.

    There are also different formats. Some of them are single variable only, some of them are multivariate, and the more expensive ones cover all three semesters, so the single variable version is usually good if you are not going to take multivariate calculus, since it leaves out the later chapters. There are also different bindings (paperback versus hardcover).

    Also, if you do not need the problems at the back of the chapters, you can probably buy the 5th edition, because it is virtually the same.
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