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Still one school year left , I think it will be applied physics

  1. Jun 28, 2013 #1
    still one school year left , I think it will be "applied physics"

    Well anyone would normally pursue an engineering career in my school , especially in the "General sciences" section . I first considered doing Astrophysics , but having seen how incompatible it is with what I thought it would be like i was then convinced to do something closer to engineering still a bit more theoretical ,more involved in high-tech and experimentalism rather than scientifical conformism that an engineer would encounter (although it is not too far from any field of physics be it quantum astro or radioactivity ...). So it was then "Applied Physics" that caught my attention ... It's obviously just physics , but seen , touched and made . I need help to coin what are the working domains concerning this field ?, what are the similar variants to this field of study ?
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  3. Jun 29, 2013 #2
    Question: what's the difference in courses between applied and general physics at your school? My school's applied degree just has one less quantum class and one more elective.
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    well i was talking about an actual Highschool not University , as much as it annoys me we didn't yet get to the juicy stuff (quantum,relativity,aerodynamics etc. ) we just take some advanced classic newtonian mechanics , electricity , and electromagnetism . So I'm affraid I can't answer that . You can always Check some ramdom universities' courses , last time i checked they displayed the courses with each field.
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