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Strain of a wire tied with an angle in a beam

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    Well, i have a cantilever beam where i have the displacement of the tip of the beam (y axis) data from a vibration of this beam. In the tip of the beam is a steel wire attached, pulling up the beam with an angle (30º for example).

    I want to know if exists a form to obtain the strain of the wire based on the displacement of the beam (the vibration).

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    Are these beam questions of yours for schoolwork? If so, they should be posted in the Homework Help forums...
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    @Gerrgegeorge :

    Let us deal with the basic problem on your other thread first . We can come back to this one later .
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    No, is a project of mine.

    I am using a specific material to control the vibration of the beam, this material is a wire. I have tried without the angle (paralel to the beam) but in this mode the force that i need is much high.
    As my material varies is force based on his strain i need this information, but the problem is that i only have the vibration of the beam information (strain gage)

    I have some ideas, but as i making simulations i want to know the right method.
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