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Strength of round vs. square columned building

  1. Aug 27, 2009 #1
    For the same building with square vs. circular concrete columns of equal number and cross-sectional area, under what environmental conditions would one be preferred over the other?
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    The circular columns would probably be preferred, because they can generally handle higher loads under a variety of adverse environmental conditions (high wind, earthquake, etc.), if they have a closely-spaced spiral reinforcing bar inside.
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    I'm writing an article on the strength of round columns verses square and came across your post. Would you like to contribute a "experts" quote to the article similar to your post? If so, please send your quote ASAP to kathleen@troycable.net, along with your title or credentials. Thanks so much!

    Kathleen Ryan
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    I'm no expert; that is in part why I asked the question. By the fact that circular columns have greater symmetry (evinced throughout mechanics), I would guess them strongest in general. Of course, if the building itself were square/rectangular (as most are), square/rectangular columns might reinforce its symmetry.

    I have a Master's degree in physics from George Mason University, but like I say, I am no authority in this field. Don't construct a building on my word.
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