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String theory applied to world timeline?

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    string theory applied to "world"timeline?

    Pardon my ignorance, I've been reading several post and studying , to the best of my ability, the string theory(ies). I am retired USAF. I seen several things to which I can not explain. We have had several scientist and non-military scientist working on quatum physics problems for years. I am by no means qualified to interpert their findings nor am I allowed to talk about their research or countries that we work with. However with all that being said, I have picked up on several things in the thirty plus years in my various installations.

    MY Question:

    How would the string theory explain - for argument sake - a note that you wrote to yourself in the future that was delivered to you in the modern time. My confusion come from the fact that the timestring is suppose to be infinite. However, doesn't that fact mean the "world" timeline is a sort of loop. Again, I apologize for my ignorance as to the terminology used.

    I know that some SCiFi shows have done a scenerio about this. I think it was Stargate.

    no, I am actually talking about a note simply stating the time, date, and signatures of people present that can be authenticated. Also, now the note's not written because we know that it works. Does this follow more into the jurisdiction of parallell universes.

    I again apologize for my ignorance and wasting the time of such hard working men and women. I'm just an old man trying to figure out where to do research.

    Thanks for any directions.

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    I don't think string physics would have anything to say about this. General Relativity would say that it is an example of a "CTC", a closed timelike curve, which can occur in the theory IF you have some currently unavailable technology called exotic matter, which has negative energy.
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