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Structural dynamics - advice for senior thesis

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    Hello to all,

    I am just about to start working on my senior thesis (I'm not sure if this is the
    exact equivalent term in english speaking countries - basically, it's the thesis
    you have to do in order to finish your studies and gain your engineering degree),
    which I selected to be in the field of structural dynamics.

    Basically, the thesis will be a dynamic calculation of a structure which will
    probably consist of 2 parts - one of them is a calculation using some structural
    design software (probably SAP), and the other could be a calculation "by hand" in
    order to compare results, etc.

    I am currently in the phase of looking for inspiration, since my mentor said I should
    think about the topic for my thesis and create a brief concept for it, and hence
    I am interested if someone has some experience with structural dynamics.

    There are a few choices which occured to me instantly - the thesis could be
    about a structure with industrial purpose, i.e. somewhere where vibrations occur
    due to rotational machine work, or about a structure of respectable height in
    a "higher" seismic zone, where wind and seismic influences occur to be critical
    for the structure.

    The problem is, this is only a brief concept without any details, so I would be
    very grateful if someone with experience of such type could provide me with
    some ideas and advice in general.
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    A machine pedestal would make an interesting computer analysis, but you might find it fairly difficult to do much with by hand.

    The classic problems are things like turbine rotors and similar rotating machines in their supports. As a simpler problem, you might try something like a grinder.

    You might try the torsional vibrations of a machinery train, particularly interesting if you include a gear set.
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    Do a helicopter fuselage structure under loading.
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