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Struggle learning fluid mechanics

  1. Oct 1, 2014 #1

    I just started on my fourth year of a masters degree in mechanical engineering, and I got this fluid mechanics course that is nothing like anything I have had before. This course is based on finding expressions using Stokes equations. Combining and deriving momentum, continuity and energy equations. I am used to solving problems in physics with a given pressure, temp, velocity and so on, but this is very different.

    To me my teacher seems to derive tons of formulas without really explaining "why he did what he did". He looks like Albert Einstein and talks in a very old fashion, he even recommended a book from 1950's Germany. It's like the lessons is only good for those who already knows what he is talking about.
    The book by Frank M. White (Viscous fluid flows) does not seem to be much better.

    So far I'm 1-2 months into the semester and I have been looking at lots of problems, but understood very little. I am looking for recommended books or general tips on how to go about this.
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