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  1. R

    Some lines from the book "Ideas and Opnions" by Albert Einstein

    I read these lines from the book Ideas and Opinions by Albert Einstein- "Gradually the conviction gained recognition that all knowledge about things is exclusively a working-over of the raw material furnished by the senses." what I interpret from is that knowledge is obtained by observing...
  2. Sandip Patel

    B Time Dilation

    Assumption: Object 1 is moving and object 2 is static. It is impossible to say which object is moving without any reference object 3. There are three scenarios possible. 1. Reference object 3 is at same position in space time with object 2, then object 1 is moving and object 2 is static. 2...
  3. Gamma

    The Other Einstein by Marie Benedict

    I am glad that this Summer I was introduced to an awesome novel, The Other Einstein. The book is the fictional portrayal of Mileva Maric, the wife of my favorite scientist Albert Einstein, and her struggles to balance life and work. The author has done a good job in researching the life of...
  4. bhobba

    I Einstein's View Of QM

    Hi All This is an outgrowth of the following thread: OK first we need to clear up a few misconceptions about Einsteins view of QM. It is often said Einstein didn't believe in QM. That's really a...
  5. B

    Research Help Please -- "Ziemlich Frech : Einstein versus Nernst"

    I am writing an essay on "Ziemlich Frech : Einstein versus Nernst". I can find very little information on this topic anywhere. I've searched the library and the internet and don't have anything certain yet. So far I'm at a stage where I believe it could be about Einstein Solids. I know that...
  6. M

    Struggle learning fluid mechanics

    Hi I just started on my fourth year of a masters degree in mechanical engineering, and I got this fluid mechanics course that is nothing like anything I have had before. This course is based on finding expressions using Stokes equations. Combining and deriving momentum, continuity and energy...
  7. H

    Modern Einstein has an idea but needs your help

    This is not a joke. Suppose Albert Einstein was born in 1979, not 1879, and to date had not written any articles. Like the old Albert, modern Albert works for a government department. He assesses applications for arts grants. You see, unlike the old Albert, modern Albert studied art after...
  8. Demystifier

    My favored scientist quotes

    GENERAL: Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former. Albert Einstein Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen. Albert Einstein The fear of death is the most unjustified of all fears, for there's no...
  9. T

    How did Einstein earn his PhD?

    History question: I searched all over the web and cannot find the answer. I knew that Albert Einstein earned his phd from university of zurich. from wiki: In 1900, Einstein was awarded the Zürich Polytechnic teaching diploma. (Between 1900 to 4/30/1905, I deduced that Einstein was unemployed and...
  10. T

    How did Einstein come to the Conclusion of Spacetime?

    What led Albert Einstein to conclude that space and time were not two seperate entities but merely one spacetime. Also, has there been experiment to prove this notion?
  11. K

    Where do I start?

    Hi, I have recently become very interested in physics. I feel like having a good physics background allows you to properly grasp everything that is going on around you and ultimately the Universe. I am very eager to learn about how things work, about light, energy, Isaac Newton's laws, Albert...
  12. Mordred

    Textbook recommendations

    Not sure if this is the best location to ask this lol, I find myself at a quandary, I'm an avid reader and I'm looking for more textbooks to add to my collection. Preference on the technical side. I prefer seeing the related metrics etc. Textbooks I already have. "First three minutes" by...
  13. andromeda

    Is Relative Simultaneity Real?

    One problem in understanding Special Relativity is that it is intuitively hard to agree with relative simultaneity. My major problem is that I cannot quite answer the question: Is relative simultaneity a real effect or only a mathematical artifact of Lorentz transformation? I am not...
  14. Greg Bernhardt

    Would You Rather... Science Edition

    Answer one and then ask your own, be creative! :) Would you rather... Have lunch with Issac Newton or Albert Einstein
  15. N

    The rotating disk of Albert Einstein

    Hello To demonstrate that we can deduce from special relativity the existence of an observer who finds that his three-dimensional space is not euclidean (a conclusion that is false in my opinion), in subsection "Behaviour of Clocks and Measuring Rods on a Rotating Body of Reference" of his...
  16. T

    A list of Physicist and their contributions

    Below is a list of physicist I compiled, and there achievements. I have sources if you want them. Do tell me if there is any more I should add or anything I should add to their bios, thanks in advance.θ Richard Feynman (1918-1988) Developing Path Integral Formalism of Quantum Field...
  17. G

    JollyOlly's book 'A Roller Coaster Ride through Relativity'

    I'm concerned about your book. I got up to this part: And I got very concerned. Although what you say is true, the fact that you put the last part of the quote in a box, like you did for what you called the Fundamental Principle and its restated version, gave me the impression that you...
  18. S

    Math REU Personal Statement Help Please

    Hello all, I am currently applying for math REUs and I was wondering if anyone would help me proof read my essay and criticize it (as much as you'd like please). I know most of them accept mostly juniors and seniors, but I really want to get into at least one of the programs so that's why I...
  19. H

    E=m*c^2 (proof)

    How albert einstein proved this equations that I refered at the title? He proved that with maths or with observation?
  20. A

    Mathmatically, why are parallel universes even theorized?

    Hi all, What is the Hamiltonian or main equation, that if you solve it, parallel universes are predicted? For example, the Dirac equation, if solved, predicts the existence of anti-particles. If You solve Maxwell's Equations, you predict there should be E & M waves. Solving certain...
  21. C

    Cleveland Physics Society

    In 1953 Albert Einstein wrote to the Cleveland Physics Society on the occasion of a commemoration of the Michaelson–Morley experiment. In that letter he wrote:[1] What led me more or less directly to the special theory of relativity was the conviction that the electromotive force acting on a...
  22. shounakbhatta

    Father of Modern Physics

    Hello, Some consider Albert Einstein, some think it was Galileo Galilei, some consider that E=mc^2 formula revolutionized the entire picture of physics, some consider James Clerk Maxwell's equations of electromagnetism. I consider it was Sir Isaac Newton. Newton can be well considered as...
  23. P

    Mechanics of a Large Chest in Space

    At the moment, I am reading the book Relativity, written by Albert Einstein regarding his special and general theory of relativity. In his introduction to general relativity, he poses a thought experiment: Suppose we have a large chest in space far away from any appreciable mass (stars...
  24. ohwilleke

    The Case Against The Word Aether

    The Case Against The Word "Aether" Many BSM theories involve a space-time that has properties rather than being "nothing" or omnipresent field or substance, but the word "aether" as a description for that "non-nothing" vacuum between Standard Model particles is long past its due date as a...
  25. D

    Speed Doubt

    Hey folks i got a doubt, one of the theories of albert einstein say everytime we run for example our mass become a little tiny for example one person have 80 pounds when you start run you have for example 79 pounds of weight because of the speed, and when you stop running your mass go back to 80...
  26. V

    Quote about movement through spacetime that is confusing me:

    The quote is from Jake Goldberg's Albert Einstein: the rebel behind relativity: p. 53: "As objects begin to move rapidly through the dimension of space, their movement throught the dimension of time must slow down, because no object can move through space-time faster than the speed of light."...