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Struggling with relativistic mechanics questions, need a textbook recommended

  1. Oct 20, 2014 #1
    I have never done relativity before, my uni professor isn't good enough and I can't understand a word he says, he's all over the place.

    Anyway I missed a week due to being sick, and I just can't catch up, I am struggling to find any textbooks that have similar notation or help me solve problems. They all assume I understand things like length contraction, time dilation, proper length, etc.

    This is an example of the simplest questions we have been asked: http://i.imgur.com/lHtbXPU.jpg

    What textbook, youtube video series, or whatever can I watch to catch up and learn about relativity? This is second year undergraduate physics.
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    It's OK to post that as an example of the sort of coursework that you're dealng with, but if you actually want help solving those particular problems, you'll get more support and help from the homework forums.
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    The level of material in those questions corresponds to a second-year "introductory modern physics" course such as is commonly taught at universities in the US. Books for these courses have a chapter or two about special relativity: length contraction, time dilation, relativistic energy and momentum. Examples:


    A classic book that's just about relativity:

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    Thanks guys, I aced the test, it all seems to easy to me now.
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