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Student loans for an EE major question

  1. Dec 4, 2012 #1
    Hey guys, so my parents just recently decided that i need to move out. Now they originally said that they would take care of all my tuition fees as long as i paid for my living expenses. I was told by my adviser that it really wasn't a good idea if i worked more than 10 hours a week in order to finish my degree on time. I am technically starting my 2nd year this coming spring semester. Since i don't know much about student loans, solely because i haven't had to take any out thus far, could i get a loan from my school that would pay for 3 years of living expenses? i know it depends on the school, and i plan on talking to someone in the next couple days, but from your personal experiences? Does it help that i don't have to pay tuition costs? thanks a ton guys!
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    Since you seem so eager for an answer!

    I won't answer! Just joking. First, your advisor who tells you that you should not work more than 10 hour a week in order to finish your degree is steering you slightly astray. If the choice is between one extra year in college or a loan (debt) then why wouldn't you spend that extra year in college? Graduating in 5 years vs 4 isn't so uncommon that someone will look down on you for it! Heck, learning to work in order to support yourself while getting an education will probably be a good life experience.

    Is it easy? No. After my time in the military, I went to school full time, worked, and had to support a wife and baby. I had the added benefit of 1,000 dollars a month for 9 months of the year for living expenses and my tutition was covered by the GI Bill.

    All this can be made easier if you get a roommate too!
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    I would speak to the financial aid department at your school to see about getting grants and loans. Usually, you would need to complete a FASFA (or FAFSA?) to do so. But I think since it's December, you might have to wait and register for it in January-February of next year to be funded for summer and fall 2013. But this could be different in your case. Before you fill out anything: make sure it's .gov and not .com,.net .

    To summarize: Talk to you financial aid department.
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