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Studio grade microphones are sensitive to dust

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    Studio grade microphones are sensitive to dust. Over time dust can collect on the diaphragm and degrade the sound quality. I've been told that putting a plastic bag over the microphone when it's not in use will prevent this. I've also been told that it is better to use a clothe covering because a plastic bag will promote condensation on the diaphragm.

    My view is that the plastic bag will not be totally sealed off. This will mean that the humidity inside and outside the bag will be equal and that the bag will not result in extra condensation on the microphone diaphragm. Am I correct?
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    You're pretty much correct on the humidity issue. As a matter of fact, you can help trap moisture in with a plastic bag. Depending on the environment, you can create a little greenhouse with a plastic bag.

    We use the standard sponge wind socks on ours. I'm not in the studio end of the business, bu there could possibly be a better way to go which is to look and see if there are piezoresistive microphones you can look into.
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    Yeah, put on one of those plastic sponge "wind sock" things. Don't they come with the mic?
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    I'm not sure if it will work for this particular mic. It's a somewhat large condenser mic.
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    Just put a cloth bag (Crown Royal bags have a drawstring....) over the mic when not in use. Atually a bag made of lint-free cotton would be better than the nice purple felt. And if someone is using the mic to sing into, use a fine mesh pop screen to sing through - I don't know if it will help keep breath-moisture down (which traps dust and smoke particles) but it will catch the errant gobs of spit. :yuck: I'm not a studio person, but I performed for many years, and always took really god care of my mics (except for the part about having to play in smokey bars).
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