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Schools Study engineering or astrophysics at university?

  1. Jul 16, 2007 #1

    I've just graduated from school and getting ready for university. I really love computers and astronomy-astrophysics. I've decided to follow a career as an a electrical and computer engineer and not physics. I've chose this mainly because I will find a job easier than going to physics (at least at my country). However I would like to know if in the future I will be able, if I want to, to work on the field of astronomy-astrophysics. Is it possible or am I heading to the wrong direction? I would really like an answer from a person who has the same experience as I.

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    As an EE you'll be able to find jobs at aerospace companies, national labs and you'll be able to work on instruments astrophysicists use, but you won't be doing the work astrophysicists do.

    Just do astrophysics if that's what you really want.
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    Is it possible while i'm studying engineering at the university, to do a degree on physics at the open university at UK? I mean, will there be time? Is it possible? Has anyone done sth similar?
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    No there isn't time. But you can probably take some physics classes in your university either to count toward your engineering degree or just out of interest.

    Oddly enough I did astrophysics and it turned out to be a good way of getting into engineering! I built telescopes and large astronomical instruments.
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