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Study the convolution in more details

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    I want to study the convolution in more details. So if you can provide me by any link to find a brief study for the convolution.
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    Well, this looks like an extensive article, with just enough to get you started and enough left to be proven to make for some nice exercises :smile:
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    I knew about "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Convolution" [Broken]
    but I meant that if you know any links that can provid free e-books that study the convolution and its properties.
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    Thanks alot WolfOfTheSteps !
    I will try to download them and I will read them carefully.
    And if I will have any questions, I hope to help me.
    Thank you!
    Best regards!
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    you can study from Oppenheim...and if you want to understand, actualy what the convolution is, than give me a reply i can explain it very well.
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    Actually I am going to find the Convolution function for the following equation
    Hn(t)= (-1)^n * e^(t^2)* d^n/dt^n * e^(-t^2)

    So, I dont know how you can help to find a solution for the above equation.
    Thanks alot.
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