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Studying Studying for exams with a multitude of books

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    I'm taking the SAT II Math IIC test in October and I have roughly 2 months to review. I have numbers precal, trig, and Math IIC prep boooks, so many that I do not know where to start. I've taken a diagnostic test to see where my weakness are. Which book should I use though? Should I use only one or choose a "best" one to study from? What are your views on this?

    Thank you.
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    Generally when I'm studying for a course, I would have the actual text book that was recommended by the instructor and about 2 (specialized) supplemental texts. If you're unsure where which book to use, you can either post the them here and have others give you their opinion; read online reviews (not recommended); or do the exploring yourself.
    But since you have books in specific areas of math and the IIC prep book, you can being with the IIC book and use the trig, precal, etc books as references.
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