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Studying Studying for Math and Physics Finals

  1. May 12, 2010 #1

    How much time do you average per course (Math and Physics) for your final exams? Let's say you have 8 consecutive days with nothing else to do than study(However, you could decide to do whatever you want, leisure, work, socializing...), how would you organize your time?

    Thanks for any input.

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    It depends how well I knew the material. I've had classes where I followed most of what went on during the semester - in that case I usually just need to "brush up" to prepare for the final, and that usually only takes me about 1 day. I've had other courses where major parts of the class went over my head during the semester, and I needed to sit down and learn what I missed - or at least fill in big gaps. In this case, 8 days of sustained effort may not be enough. Looking at past exams usually helps you realize quickly what kind of shape you are in. Can you do most of the problems they will throw at you?
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    Well I mostly stayed on top of my classes throughout the semester so when I finished all my assignments two weeks before exams I devoted three days to one class, then the next three days to another class etc, and repeated the process until exams started.

    However everyone has different habits, if you have really been keeping up with the course work 1-3 days is all you need to review, but if you haven't been keeping up with your studies then it will require a lot more time. The best thing to do is to start studying a month before exams just for an hour per day, so that when exam time gets closer you'll be more familiar with the material.
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    I have very good control of the material. However, I'm aiming for somewhere over 90s for both exams, so even if I'm masterful with the material, I will still practice problems nonstop. Exams become trivial when I do this. Right now, I practice physics for 4 hours in the morning (Usually 7-11), and then I have a few hours off, and then practice math for 4 hours in the evening (Usually 6-10). During my daytime break I exercise to keep my mind focused. I also limit myself to two teas per day, one per study session. I try not to overeat, get enough sleep, and to avoid irrelevent leisure during finals periods, this helps me keep focused. (Irellevent leisure: Video games, television, etc..) I limit myself mostly to outdoor activities and reading on subjects other than science.

    I was just wondering what others do, or if others have similar ways of studying for finals or just exams.

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