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Stupidity is written on the face but genius is not

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    in the movie amadeus salerie asked himself if he could identify mozart from among the 100 guests because perhaps genius is written on the face. much to his surprise he found out that it was not when he saw a crude mozart, giggling on the floor, telling dirty jokes. i have the same feeling. when i watch documentaries of these ingenious physicists, steven weinberg, michael green, edward witten, michio kaku, lisa randall to name just a few perfectly at random, they look like completely ordinary people, nothing special about them, no genius is written on the face. on the other hand, sometimes you can tell someone is stupid just by looking at them. i realize that it's not politically correct to say that, but it's true.
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    How do you know a genius is not just making a stupid face? Or he just got back from the dentist?
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    you don't have to be right 100% of the time. it's just a general trend. socrates looks rather stupid.
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    I look pretty stupid when I wake up
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    What's not politically correct? To say someone is stupid, or to say you can tell they're stupid by their face?

    The first is easily fixed by replacing "stupid" with, "of lower than average intelligence." Suddenly it is PC.
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    :bugeye: Preposterous!
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    Prove that it's preposterous.
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    I once knew someone who I thought was very stupid. Facial features were classic idiot. Massive under-bite. Cheeks that looked like he had a pound of tobacco on each side. Low Brow. Borderline microcephalic. Eyes with no expression. Talked like an imbecile.

    One day I was talking to him, and it struck me that he had a perfect comprehension of the world around him. He wasn't an idiot at all. He just acted that way. It was a facade to match his features.

    I thought it was very strange, and very sad, that there might have been a possibility that he acted like an idiot, because that was what the world had projected onto him his entire life, because he had stupidity written on his face.

    Anyways, here's something written by someone, anomalous in a different way:
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    P1: preposterous is defined as contrary to reason
    P2: an effective sum of all statements that excludes a disclaimer specifying the confidence and value of the expected outcome (or set of outcomes) is only true if all of it's elements are true.
    P3: a false statement is contrary to reason.

    C: A set of statements which contains one or more false statements is :bugeye: preposterous!
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    "you don't have to be right all the time is preposterous"

    P1: preposterous means contrary to reason
    P2: "you don't have to" implies "you don't have to, to live comfortably"
    P3: I have to be right 100% of the time to live comfortably
    C: Not being right 100% of the time is :bugeye: preposeterous!
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    You're committing the fallacy of equivocation. You're using the word preposterous in a very narrow technical sense, you're not using it in it's popular usage. When you're making generalization about humanity there are always going to be exceptions. Take any simple slogan that attempts to capture some truth about humanity and there will be a host of exceptions to it. Let's take one chosen virtually at random: freedom isn't free. For many people that are born with silver spoons in their mouth, freedom is tantamount to free, meaning they barely had to lift one finger to obtain a broad range of freedom.

    And by the way, if you think I care about a tedious debate regarding the meaning of preposterous, you're wrong, this is far as I go with you.
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    So, you lead a pretty uncomfortable life, then.
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    He's playing around; following an absurd train of logic to be funny. Happens a lot around here.
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    Oooh, sorry, no, you're wrong! Google "define: preposterous". Google is the true Oracle.
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    Does this look like the face of genius :rolleyes:


    In all seriousness though people probably transpose some of their expectations of "betterness" onto the question. For some people if you asked them to think of a genius they may conjure up images of an old white man with a stern face wearing a blazer with elbow pads writing on a chalk board. Others may conjure up images of someone in a Parisian attic flat madly painting on canvas whilst classical music plays in the background.

    It's mostly a cultural thing I'd say.
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    Oh, don't purple face me! You just about painted a bullseye on yourself and aimed my gun for me.
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    One of the more absurd posts I've seen to date.

    You have yet to prove that your sample of "people looking stupid are stupid" is a true statement. But to make it even worse, you drew your conclusion as a true one thus creating a fallacy of ignorance. To drive it home, you ask someone else to prove your claims false.

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    It's blue! Get off my qualia!
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    I know it's blue, but you can just see it wanting to be more purple. Purpularity is written on the face, but blue-ness is not.
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