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Styrofoam object- rise or sink?

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    i have a 30 ft pipe - 10" diameter. there is a constant water flow at the top, keeping the water level constant ( the pipe is always full to the top). at the bottom the water just flows out of the basin and away. the pipe is is just 1" underwater in the pool underneath.
    the yellow object is a styrofoam ball - diameter 9" so it will easily fit into the pipe.
    will the ball rise up due to buoyancy and density differencial, or will the pressure from the water column above supress these forces and keep it at the bottom.
    if the ball does rise, will its speed be slowed by the downward flow of water around it?
    what will its estimate spped be, compared to the clasiccla setup where an object is released in a static water column, closed at the bottom .
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