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Sub-bass pattern effects @ 30-70 Hz

  1. Nov 11, 2011 #1
    I'm working on some paintings about the effects of sub-bass in the 30-70hz range.
    I've been trying, without success, to find info online about the likely pattern effects it could produce, say in water or sand, or anything that its wave patterns would show up in. Any clues anyone?

    Also, bearing in mind that I have pretty much zilch physics knowledge, I also realized that I don't have a clue about how to work out what physical distance a single sub-bass wave would cover, Any simple hints on how to do that would be greatly appreciated.
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    Oh and also, although this should probably go into the biology forum, what happens when the waves hit the body, how are the waves affected.
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    The patterns will depend heavily on the room shape and properties, so there's nothing really specific that can be said about that. As for the wavelength, the speed of sound at normal conditions is around 1100 feet per second, so a 30Hz wave will have a wavelength of around 36 feet. A 70Hz wave will be more like 16 feet. Because of this long wavelength, the patterns that would show up (if you had a sufficiently loud wave) would only really manifest in large areas.
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    Thanks for that.

    I guess that explains why some parts of a room exhibit more sub-bass than others then, not just related to distance from the speakers, because of interference patterns and different absorbstion rates??
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    Yes that's right. Also floors, walls, and ceilings may resonate.
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