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Submersible Water Pump, 4.3 amps, must work in the water,

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    Hi Friends, a high quality submersible water pump from Italy, it is 220 volt, 1,100SA, 4.3 amps, and it is grounded into the earth while in use; and we also have an emergency electrical cut-off that cuts the power in case of an electrical short; but the question is, in a new high quality pump like this, how safe and how insane is it that I work in the water while the pump is running (No way to do the work unless the pump is running; and yes it is also again, grounded into the earth.) And again I’m so ignorant on this subject that I think as an example of ‘a submarine’, many many volts and amps, radio antennas and everything, under water in salt water; and so why is it in my little brain, Italy, USA, or Germany etc, cannot design and make a pump where when healthy and new is specifically designed that electronic leak, jump, or spark, is just basically impossible? – All honest true comments hoped for and needed; how safe am I to be in the water in work in this with rubberised tools; how likely is a shock likely, and if so, what are my chances wet, in this case with a one second shock at 4.3 amps?
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    If the pump is designed to be submersible, and is in decent repair, there shouldn't be any problem. A shock shouldn't be likely at all.
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