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Admissions Submitted all of my applications a couple weeks ago

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    Anyone else going through this process?

    I thought I would be relieved once I submitted everything, but now I just feel worse!

    I know I won't be hearing back from places until probably late February at the earliest, but having to just sit here and wait to hear back is brutal.

    To those of you that have been through this, how did you take your mind off of the anxiety of waiting to hear back?

    EDIT: This is for grad school
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    I hear what you are saying. I would be stressed out too, except I applied to a few places early and got in, so that kinda took a bit of the edge off the whole process. Now, I restricted my regular round applications to reach schools only.
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    How long did it take you to hear back?

    The earliest deadlines for programs that I wanted to apply to were Jan1.

    EDIT: I just realized after reading your other thread, that you're applying for undergrad. I'm currently applying to grad school, I'll clarify that in the OP
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    I applied early action to Caltech, UChicago and a local state school (deadline was end of October). I got accepted at Caltech and the state school and was deferred at UChicago. For EA, the schools usually notify us in early to mid-December. The regular application deadline is Jan 1 typically and we won't hear from anyone until March 14 (pi day) for MIT and usually late March to early April for most of the other schools. So, it's a long wait from now, which is why applying to a couple of schools in the early action round is a good thing in my opinion.
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    Involvement in other things.

    I know it's hard not to think about these things, but really the best thing that's worked for me was to focus on something else important. There are probably a lot of things that you've been putting off while focussing on these applications. Now is the time to take those back up again. Go back to the gym, get involved in intramurals, dive into a research project, do a bunch of "fun" reading, ask someone out on a date...
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    I started hearing back in late January. Many schools admit in waves. Often what they’ll do is accept the people who are sure admits pretty early (sometime in mid/late January) and then do the rest in waves, sometime sending out rejections in between. Some schools just admit all of the people at once though and for those schools it usually happens in mid/late February.
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