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Subtracting numbers in two different txt files

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    I have two .txt files with a bunch of numbers in them, below each other, like this:

    File 1:


    File 2:


    Now I want to subtract the numbers in file 2 from the numbers in file 1 and get the results in a new .txt file:

    File 3:


    Very simple. I was going to do it in Excel, but I don't have that right now. Does anyone know another easy way?
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    Use OpenOffice then. Or write Python script. Or post your problem giving enough information about OS and tools available to get a meaningful answer.
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    If you've got Windows, try VBScript. Read the 2 files into an array, add the elements of the arrays and write the results back out. Here's a link showing how to read and write files: http://easyprograming.com/index.php/vb-script/13-open-an-existing-text-file-in-vb-script [Broken]
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    You could download Open or Libre Office, or sign up for a GMail account and use the spreadsheet Google Docs application.
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