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Succeeding from no background in math?

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    I need a bit of inspiration for those moments where I'm doubting myself. Before this past summer I had no real good experiences with math, and wasn't very good at it, I practiced enough to get me into a beginning algebra course, though I could have gotten higher if I weren't so nervous on the entrance test. Im in the process of trying to improve my job prospects and want to be an elctronic engineer. This I have been told requires a ton of math. I was just wondering if there were any success stories out there to keep me going when I feel like I'm never going to make it? I'm currently 32 if that matters.
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    Hey Tyrion101.

    In high school I couldn't do the proper probability questions (combinatorics combinations permutations etc) and I didn't understand anything about what was going on in anything but the simplest probability.

    I'm doing Masters coursework in Statistics.
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    If you work at it you can do it =) Getting a good intuition in math takes time!
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