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Suitable plastic type for animal enclosure?

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    Hello, So I've got a pet hamster which I'm trying to build an enclosure for. And so I was wondering what would be the most suitable type of plastic to use for the walls and floor. Obviously it's going to have the appropriate ventilation as the top and the front will be made entirely out of metal mesh.

    An example image from PetWorld

    What types of plastics (Polyethylene, Acrylic ect...) would be ideal for this enclosure?

    Thanks! :wink:
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    It's not clear why you are asking. Are you concerned that your hamster might be allergic to some forms of plastic or is it structural considerations?
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    Polyethylene or polypropylene are a good choice. Polypropylene is less transparent and more expensive to form, but cheaper in long term because it does not take as much damage from cleaning as polyethylene do.
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