What is enclosure: Definition and 24 Discussions

Enclosure or Inclosure is a term, used in English landownership, that refers to the appropriation of "waste" or "common land" enclosing it and by doing so depriving commoners of their rights of access and privilege. Agreements to enclose land could be either through a formal or informal process. The process could normally be accomplished in three ways. First there was the creation of "closes", taken out of larger common fields by their owners. Secondly, there was enclosure by proprietors, owners who acted together, usually small farmers or squires, leading to the enclosure of whole parishes. Finally there were enclosures by Acts of Parliament.The primary reason for enclosure was to improve the efficiency of agriculture. However, there were other motives too, one example being that the value of the land enclosed would be substantially increased.
There were social consequences to the policy, with many protests at the removal of rights from the common people. Enclosure riots are seen by historians as 'the pre-eminent form' of social protest from the 1530s to 1640s.

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  1. sengalraja

    Electronic enclosure - Long screw holes

    Hi, I am designing an electronic enclosure for a medical device. For assembly reasons, the enclosure is split into two halves, with the bottom half having a depth of 200mm and the top half a depth of 50mm. I want the enclosure to be certified for IP62, hence I want the screw to be mounted from...
  2. Scott Chapel

    Enclosure Panel Material and Heat Transfer

    Referring to the attached, the bottom right is an electronics compartment. The external panels are 20GA steel powder coated yellow. There is 1-inch of R-6 foam board insulation on the inside of all external walls. The skid is exposed to ambient heat and direct sunlight when on site. If we...
  3. P

    A Too much cooling air? (Power supply failures due to condensation)

    I have a situation that I cannot explain so I need the assistance of someone with a good understanding of thermodynamics. I have 36 AC to DC power supplies located in an equipment rack. These power supplies are failing after some time. The failures appear to be moisture related. We put...
  4. GhostLoveScore

    Construction Temperature inside a weather station enclosure

    Hello I have a digital thermometer that I put into a wooden enclosure. It has horizontal holes drilled into its sides all around to let air in. On the bottom there is an opening around 1/3 of the width, like in attached photo. And I was thinking about certain thing. When I put a bare...
  5. M

    What kind of plastic is best for this loudspeaker enclosure?

    I want to build a spherical speaker with a diameter of about 50 cm. The frequency response should be relatively deep. Now my question is, which type of plastic is best for it and how thick does the housing have to be?
  6. G

    RF transmitter inside a metal enclosure, re. reflections

    wavelength is .3 m to 6m, a 3m waveguide can do up to the 6m λ, so it will reflect all the frequencies concerned
  7. G

    I Can an enclosure surrounding a Tx antenna act as a receiving antenna?

    of course it would all have to be wired up correctly
  8. Kaushik

    Compression in an adiabatic enclosure

    I found the below lines : Could you please explain the above lines?
  9. TechTree

    Suitable plastic type for animal enclosure?

    Hello, So I've got a pet hamster which I'm trying to build an enclosure for. And so I was wondering what would be the most suitable type of plastic to use for the walls and floor. Obviously it's going to have the appropriate ventilation as the top and the front will be made entirely out of metal...
  10. A

    How Do I Calculate BTU Needs for Cooling an Enclosed Space?

    Hi all. I'm working on a small project and could use help. I have an 3/8" thick aluminum box that is going to be placed outside. The dimensions of the box are 33"x33"x33" and inside the box there is a 3/4 air gap on all sides that is covered with 1/8" hdpe platic walls. There will also be a...
  11. H

    IP 65 rated enclosure with heat dissipation

    Hi there! Is there any ip65 rated enclosure material with electronic components inside but with no holes/cutouts that can act as a heat sink without overheating while the product is operating? Enclosure will need to be wall-mounted outdoors, it could be made out of die-cast aluminium which...
  12. MtnXfreeride

    Preventing Condensation in Outdoor Enclosure

    Hi, I have comes across bits and pieces of what I want to do online but haven't gotten the answers I need so I'm reaching out for help. This is my first post here. I'm planning to create a box to house an AV receiver outdoors (late spring/summer/early fall only in Maine) inside a screen...
  13. D

    Heat generated in an enclosure?

    Hi I have an enclosure with an electrical heater that runs on 5W. Im trying to figuring out how warm the enclosure gets after a set amount of time. I need help with the strategy on how to tacle this problem. The heater warms up the air inside the enclosure (Specific heat) then the enclosure...
  14. M

    Optimum positioning of fan inside an enclosure

    Hello! I am an electronics engineer and the only time I came across Fluid mechanics was in class 12. I have been stuck for a long time in the finalization of a product. The difficulty is that I need to design a heat-sink, place a fan over it and perform a thermo-fluid simulation of the system...
  15. steves1080

    Heat transferred from an insulated enclosure

    Thanks for checking out my post! I have a question for you heat transfer savvy folks. I have a pretty large enclosure (SA = 107,300 sq in.) made of 1/4" thick stainless steel, and has a 1-inch thick layer of insulation lining the inside of the wall. The purpose of this proposed enclosure is...
  16. A

    Liquid nitrogen transfer into nitrogen purged enclosure

    I am trying to build a system to transfer liquid nitrogen (LN) into a roughly 6'x4'x2' sealed nitrogen gas-purged enclosure. The LN is in a pitcher-style dewar like this http://static.coleparmer.com/large_images/03773_51.jpg but with an open top, and the container I'd like to transfer it into...
  17. T

    Heat transfer from a heated enclosure to a temp sensor in open air.

    Hello everybody, I am trying to figure out if a heated enclosures will effect my temperature readings from a temperature probe. As shown in the picture below, the arrow in the middle shows an enclosure 9"x7"x8" that has a 30 watt heater inside and a battery backup system 27"x 22" x 18" on the...
  18. S

    Acid resistant, heat conductive electronics enclosure

    Hi, I need to put an electronic measurement system into a very nasty environment. An Ore pile where the minerals are being extracted using sulphuric acid and the temperature is 100-150 degrees C. I need an enclosure which will resist the acidic environment but conduct the heat to my...
  19. P

    Bass Reflex Enclosure equations of motion

    1. The problem This is two questions from my assignment - the second of which I'm stuck on. It's about a loudspeaker. Question one looks at a simple loudspeaker. Question two introduces a bass reflex enclosure to the system. Here's question 1...
  20. V

    Air flow requirement of electrical enclosure

    I am putting one inverter in enclosure made out of CRCA sheet of 2mm thick. Enclosure has fins at the bottom side and at top hood. Inverter heat loss as per datasheet is 3000W. Can somebody help to calculate CFM requirement of fan for given allowed temperature-rise and heat transfer by...
  21. W

    Calculating Best Air Volume for Speaker Enclosure

    Hi! I have made a small enclosure for my portable audio system. At first it was for a different speaker, but now I simply replaced all electronics and it still sounds good. But I want better. When I was making the box I didn't think about the air volume, just made a big box. So what's inside...
  22. M

    Natural convection in a rectangular enclosure

    Homework Statement Heat transfer due to natural convection in a rectangular enclosure with vertical walls that are at different temperatures. Need a correlation for Nusselt number that could handle an aspect ratio A (width/height-ratio), A > 100 and Rayleigh number Ra > 10³. Also, Prandtl...
  23. C

    Natural convection cooled enclosure

    I have a transformer in a box that is cooled using natural convection. There are louvered openings on the box to pull cool air in the bottom and let heated air out of the top. How do I determine how much heat is actually leaving the enclosure? Info that I have is the area of the enclosure, the...
  24. T

    Optimization and maximum area of a rectangular enclosure

    I've used differentiation to find that a rectangular enclosure made up of a 100m fence should have four sides all 25m to be as large as possible. The function I get is 50x-x^2. As I said, differentiating this function gives me the largest area possible. But how would I go about finding how long...