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Summation for y(x)=Absolute value(sin(x)) -pi<x<pi

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    i want to use the fourier method to fins an summation for
    y(x)=Absolute value(sin(x)) -pi<x<pi

    i know that cos(pi*n)=(-1)^n

    and get why they use cos(pi*(n+1))= (-1)^(n+1)

    but why is then cos(pi*(n-1)) also (-1)^(n+1)

    (see attachment)


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    look at the two expressions:

    (-1)^(n+1) ==> (-1)^n * (-1)


    (-1)^(n-1) ==> (-1)^n*(1/(-1)) = (-1)^n * (-1)

    so they are interchangeable.
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    Thank you!!
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