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Summation function to minimize rounding issues

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    This is a C++ class to be used for summation of doubles (floating point). It uses an array of 2048 doubles indexed by exponent to minimize rounding errors by only adding numbers that have the same exponent.

    NUM::NUM - array is cleared out when an instance of NUM is created
    NUM::clear() - clears out the array
    NUM::addnum() - add a number to the array
    NUM::getsum() - returns the current sum of the array

    link to zip of source file with example test code that adds 1./5. 4,294,967,295 (2^32-1) times and displays a sum using normal addition and using the SUM class.


    This is the key part of the SUM class, the addnum() function:

    Code (Text):

    void SUM::addnum(double d)      // add a number into the array
    size_t i;

    //      i = exponent of d
            i = ((size_t)((*(unsigned long long *)&d)>>52))&0x7ff;
            if(i == 0x7ff){ // max exponent, could be overflow
                asum[i] += d;
            if(this->asum[i] == 0){ // if empty slot store d
                asum[i] = d;
            d += asum[i];           // else add slot to d, clear slot
            asum[i] = 0.;           // and continue until empty slot
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