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Superconductivity in type1 and type2?

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    My question is about Type1 and Type2 superconductors. Is there a difference between the mechanisms of superconductivity in type1 and type2?

    And why type2 display different critical magnetic fields as a function of orientation?

    I have no idea about this. It'd be great if anyone could help!!
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    Re: Superconductors

    The "type" does not have any bearing on the underlying mechanism, and only states the possibility of vortex formation. However, this behaviour depends on the ratio of the coherence length (something like the "size" of the electron pair) to the penetration length (the amount of magnetic screening possible). It is the case that unconventional superconductivity as found in the cuprates tend to favour type II behaviour; this is only an empirical observation however --- there are plenty of pure BCS superconductors which are type II also.
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