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Supplement problems to Landau's Classical Field Theory?

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    There's very few problems in Landau's books. I'm the kind of guy that properly learns material by doing tons of problems. Of course I can pull from other text books but there's the issue of different notation, extra material within chapters, etc...

    Does anyone know of a good resource that can act as supplemental problems (answers necessary, solutions preferable) to Landau?
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    Despite the fact that you can use any set of questions to solve from any other textbook, if you really work through Landau/Lifshitz, I'd say Landau/Lifshitz (one of the best books on classical electromagnetism, because it systematically starts from the much simplifying relativistic point of view from the very beginning) is pretty quick in it's derivations, leaving out a lot of steps. So a very good exercise is to go through in all these derivations in detail yourself. This gives you a lot of exercises to do when reading the book. Anyway, a physics book should always be read with help of a pencil and (a lot of) paper ;-)).
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    The only problems book I've found that says it explicitly refers to Landau & Lifshitz is https://www.amazon.com/Problems-Electrodynamics-V-V-Batygin/dp/0120821605, but looking in the book it seems like it's more appropriate for a Jackson problem book than for Landau.

    It seems as though there is no book that really uses Lagrangian's to solve the problems you'd get in the early Jackson chapters, even https://www.amazon.com/Electrodynamics-Continuous-Media-Second-Edition/dp/0750626348 uses methods similar to Jackson to solve those crazy electrostatics problems, albeit in crazier coordinate systems.

    The best resource for Landau-like problems I'm aware of is chapter 4 of this new book (same Toptygin coincidentally), but I haven't looked in detail (though am dying to).

    If anybody has a better recommendation I'd love to hear it, but as it stands I think that 'classical particle theory' (most of Jackson) is for tough computational problems, whereas 'classical field theory' (Landau) is for theoretical problems, thus you'd need to look in the problems sections of a load of books on classical field theory to gauge the jist of the problems cft solves...
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