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Supplemental(Extra) classes for an EE?

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    Hello, I am an electrical engineering student and i am wondering what classes would be handy to take that are NOT required in the curriculum? I've thought about linear algebra but i'm not sure if it would just be a waste. I want something to give me an edge over the others whenever i enter the higher echelon engineering classes, any suggestion would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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    Definitely take Linear Algebra. It may seem silly at the time, but if you want a solid understanding of wavelets (GREAT for signal analysis and convolution), the material covered in Linear Algebra will be invaluable.
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    I'm actually surprised linear algebra isn't a requirement - it really should be! I am an electrical engineer and I find linear algebra to be more useful than calculus or ODEs. It is useful in virtually every field within EE. Definitely take linear algebra. I personally wouldn't want to hire anyone that didn't know it.

    Since not all EE departments have the same requirements, it will be difficult for anyone to answer your more general question. Again, I would have assumed that linear algebra was required. I am also assuming probability theory, intro physics, intermediate electromagnetic theory, analog and digital circuits, signals and systems, and computer programming are all required. Yes?

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    linear algebra, pde's, modern/solid state physics (taught by the physics department, not by ee's), I think the 2 semester e&m taught to the physics majors is probably better the condensed 1 semester 'fields and waves' course taught to ee's
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    It's a shame that it isn't.. We're only required to take up to Differential Equations. It wasn't until i started using these forums that i found out about linear algebra.. I thought it was interesting that most physics majors were taking it, honestly it made me kind of curious as to see what applications it might have later on.. My school offers "Matrix and Linear Algebra" out of the MAS or "Abstract Math" section.. I've added it for my fall semester.. As far as i can see, it sounds useful!

    Yes, I wholeheartedly agree. I loved gen physics II but it didn't go as in depth as i would've wanted it to go. My friend is a physics major and he gets to take the actual E&M course.. Although it's arguably one of the harder physics classes, i must say i am jealous.. The only class i have to take that might actually resemble that course would be Electromagnetic fields..I hope it tickles my fancy. Lulz.
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