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Switching from Mathematics to Physics

  1. May 10, 2012 #1
    My current field of study is Mathematics, but for the past month or so I've been absolutely obsessed with physics articles, even know they are mostly way over my head. I just found them fascinating. This recent obsession has made me entertain the thought of changing my major. The problem is that I've already changed my major once, from Engineering to my current major. My reasoning was because I really bombed my first shot at Eng. Physics. But now that I've completed Calculus 3 I feel like the stuff that I wasn't getting will be much easier the second time around. Furthermore, I'm like 9credit hours from getting my associates in math. Is it already too late to switch again? Does it sound like a good idea to switch?
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    Since we don't know what year you are, your college, what classes you've taken, etc., it is hard to advise you. Talk to your guidance counselor and your academic advisor. Also talk to the undergraduate advisor in the physics department. They will be able to tailor their advice to your situation and background.
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