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Synchronous Generator transient response problem

  1. Mar 11, 2013 #1
    Hi , Hope someone could offer me a solution to this piece of code, the code below shows a period in time of a synchronous generator transient response, My scaling is the problem as I am not getting 50 Hz 230 volts, your help would be appreciated..

    My efforts so far are

    % Transient Response of Generator

    %clear all;
    %close all;

    %Highest known frequency component > 50 Hz

    % set appropriate signal variables
    fs = 150;
    T = 1/fs;
    N = 400;
    n = 0:N-1;
    t = n*T;
    fax = (0:N/2) * (fs/N);

    % Discrete signal
    x = (D5(2000:5000));

    % Plot discrete signal
    subplot (211);
    plot (x);
    title('Syn Generator Transient Window','FontSize',14);
    xlabel('Samples', 'FontSize',12);
    ylabel('Amplitude','FontSize', 12);

    %Plot DFT
    X = abs(fft(x));
    stem(fax,(2/N) * X(1:N/2+1));
    xlabel('Frequency [Hz]','FontSize',12);

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    >> I have added the data file in exel format, it is 3000 samples long, this would be 1.5 seconds of a larger time set.

    >>Just to note i am using the per unit (pu) system on my model, so this is why the time domain shows -1000 to 1000, all the time domain graphing is correct, its the fft that has me confused.com!!

    Thanks in advance
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