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Take GRE after or before stat mech?

  1. Mar 29, 2013 #1
    I'm an engineering physics major, I believe I have a way to graduate (if I jettison some electives and take the minimum necessary to graduate) at the end of Spring semester 2014 (or maybe extend things into summer), and I take stat mech in Fall 2013. Grad school apps are due Dec/Jan/Feb, I am only interested in graduating quickly IF it means I start grad school in the Fall, my other option is to take more time, graduate at the end of Fall semester 2014 and apply then.

    Is it wise to take the physics GRE in the middle of taking stat mech and without having taken an optics or nuclear elective? Is it better to wait and take the GRE and apply for schools in 2014 so I don't have to cram as many classes in my remaining terms and so I can add an elective or two? I'll admit I feel like I want to hurry because I'm already thirty. :) No, I didn't spend twelve years in college, I returned in 2010.
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    In terms of physics knowledge, you'll be fine. The Physics GRE is mostly over pretty basic material, although the questions are often tricky. Now whether or not cramming these extra classes will take away from your study time is a different story, and graduating with the "minimum necessary" doesn't sound like such a good idea either. But you definitely don't need electives in optics or nuclear to do well on the GRE. They might help for a few specialized questions, but that's it.
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