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Schools Taking courses at university-a few questions

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    So i was wondering about taking a course in university or two. If you take only 1 course in university, do you still have to pay tuition? Because honestly 5 grand for 1 course along with the textbook(s) that entail with the class seems like alot. Is there any way to get aroudn this?
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    In the United States, at least, a lot of colleges offer part-time or non-student tuition, charged per credit hour. The state university near me offers courses at $300/credit - so for a typical semester long course, it would be ~$900. The same course at my home college would cost ~$2000 for a part time or non-student. Community colleges tend to be cheaper though, and there's something to be said for self study.
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    Rarely if ever do universities (not community colleges, not junior colleges, but actual public universities) offer options to take a class for free. If you aren't affiliated with the university, you will have to pay tuition. I'd expect around $500-$1000+ per class, depending on which one you decide to go to. But even if you aren't getting credit for it, the school still has to pay professors, TAs, building space, etc. Which course and what universities are you looking into and why? There may be ways to reduce the cost, depending on the specifics of the situation.
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