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Taking Linear Algebra, Linear Analysis, and Methods of Proof

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    Next quarter I'll be taking Linear Algebra, Linear Analysis, and Methods of Proof. I'm not entirely sure what these courses entail, but I'm getting a minor in mathematics. Will these three courses overwhelm me or should I be able to handle them? I'm taking them concurrently with two computer science classes. To give you an idea of my mathematically ability (I assume there are people who can handle this), Calc IV was fairly easy. I didn't do half the homework and got an A-, though I felt I didn't fully grasp the ideas of curl and divergence until I studied them further, after the quarter was over. So what do you think? Am I being a little ambitious here?
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    Re: Courseload

    You don't go to the University of Cincinnati do you? They do a quarter system and have calc set up in the same way. I took linear algebra, Abstract Algebra, intro to higher mathematics(proofs), a mathematica course and multivariable calc this semester as a sophomore. It was a bit hectic near the end, but overall I felt that it wasn't too difficult. I either have a 3.565 or 3.75 depending on my linear algebra final, so it didn't kill me.

    Now, you want to know whether or not you can handle it. I can tell you that I learnd the material pretty readily and understood it well most of the time. I can tell you that sometimes I had too much material to learn to fully grasp certain concepts, but I can remember formulas well, I can look at a dozen formulas and remember them accurately. This doesn't work as well with Linear algebra, as it is more conceptual. I enjoy the concepts far more than the calculations and I am much better with proofs than number crunching. linear algebra is generally more proof based and conceptual. Much if it is playing around with definitions.

    So, do I sound like you? If so, I would say that you should be alright. If not, what can I tell you? I am not you and you are not me; I know nothing about you or your style of learning or ability with math.

    I want to make one last point. Proofs and linear are nothing like calc. If you have done some proofs, those classes shouldn't be too tough. If you haven't, they will be tougher than if you had. You should try to do some simple proofs over your winter break. Go to your schools library and get some books out on the subject. I'm sure you will find some if you just type proofs into a search. Do some of the problems and see how you feel about it. Its good to have the basics down before the class starts.
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    Re: Courseload

    Obviously it is physically possible. My only concern is that you didnt even do half of your homework. Taking five courses will require discipline and hard work. So if you are willing to do it, do it. If not, don't.
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