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Taking modern algebra, real analysis, and diffeq's

  1. Jul 16, 2010 #1
    simultaneously. Can it be done? How many hours are spent outside of class in each subject?
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    Sounds like a huge kick in the butt. At my university, algebra is the most difficult course for math majors. I have heard from other students that the homework alone takes 20-30 hours a week, and very few people get above a C since it isn't curved. I also know that at my university you can't take all of these simultaneously since they are offered at conflicting times...
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    it's allowed/possible at my school... as long as the prereqs are met. What about the other two classes? How many hours for each of those?
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    A first course in diffeq should be fairly standard, and I think how much time it requires really depends on your facility with calculus computations.

    The difficulty of a real analysis course can vary a lot. For one, an instructor can choose to do basic analysis on a very abstract framework. If your course uses a textbook such as Rudin's Principles of Mathematical Analysis, there is a rather high level of abstraction from the very beginning. You will be introduced to limiting arguments via metric topology and will work with this framework throughout the text. Expect to spend 25-30 hours a week if you want to grasp all the details in such a course. Actually I think the textbook for the course is probably a pretty good indicator of what your teacher will expect from you.
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    Ask people who have already taken the course with the same instructor. None of us have any clue as to how the instructors do the course. Most courses can be dumbed down to the point the class is near worthless, and every class can be made hard enough to be impossible to pass.
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    It appears they are using Gordon's Real Analysis: A first course.
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    Of course it can be done. Why not? The three courses' content are almost disjoint. Besides, no one knows what the course are like exactly, since this depends on the university and teacher.
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    That sounds encouraging. how were your abstract algebra and analysis classes when you took them?
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    I followed an Introductory Analysis class together with a course in Rings and Galois Theory (and other courses). It went good, I liked both courses very much.
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