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Technology for extracting hand-drawing to computer fast?

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    Is there a solution for this:
    I want to be able to do hand drawings on paper or whiteboard (not digital tablet – it feels different and I don’t like it) then I want to be able to extract that drawing from paper/whiteboard onto my computer rapidly, and be able to add computer written text to different parts of the drawing (because typing on keyboard is faster than writing with pen).

    The reason I want it to go digital is that it will be easier to search for the documents when I organize them on my computer by typing in a keyword and pressing search (instead of spending time looking through physical paperfiles).

    My temporary solution: Is to scan all my paper drawings, but it still takes a very long time to scan every document/drawing I make, and as a result I just trash my drawings or they get lost in a pile of papers. Taking pictures with my iphone is faster but often the picture is quite shaded/grey.

    A program that allows drawing on paper/whiteboard + typing on keyboard simultaniously would be ideal of course :)
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    Try doing the iphone picture, but then once imported just Binarize the image (only black or white pixels) with a high threshold (75%) so that all the light greys become white, and all the text goes to black. This will make the image much more uniform.

    I'm not sure what to use for writing text on it, guess you could just use Word.
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