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Document management + easy way to scan?

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    Hi I’m looking for two things
    1. An easy and fast way to scan (take pictures) of my notes/figures/drawings so i can put them on my computer.
    2. A smart document management system for science classes at university. I often make good notes and drawings on paper but it would be nice to have an easy way to retrieve all the drawings on my computer and a fast way of storing and organizing them. It takes forever to use my old scanner to scan my documents.

    I would appreciate some suggestions. I'm using windows 7 by the way :)
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    Your problem is a little confusing. Is it the scanner takes too long or are you concerned about organizing after scanning?
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    Buy a professional grade scanner with a sheet feeder.
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    Use Documalis- business document solutions (http://www.documalis.com/). It will help you to scan the documents and manage documents quickly without any hassle.
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