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Teleportation: Scientific research

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    Further to :- https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=390324

    Are there any scientific teams / Researchers actively trying to achieve

    a) teleportation

    b) creating things via atoms - without an existing item (Ie Star Trek Food producer machines)

    I've googled - But find LOTS of articles about it & mainly science fiction / fantasy - But can't find actual scientific teams - RSS feeds / newsletters etc

    is NASA researching this ?
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    This is my first reply and my first day to do this. I'm not the person who goes to all the conventions nor would I, but I do pay attention to detail to what I watch.

    While watching say, Star Trek Voyager, you will hear them talk about rations and how that making anything (whether it be food, jewelry, ect.) uses your rations. Personally, I believe they have some form of 'stash' of atoms to create things from (Matter nor energy can be created or destroyed but changed from one form to another). Whether that 'stash' is energy or some type of matter (i.e. gas, solid, or liquid), I do not know. So you would need something to create an item out of 'thin air'.

    Things brings a question of my own, if you make say a sword out of air, would you not have to more or less compact the atoms in the air? Wouldn't this create some type of vacuum?
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