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Temperature Change -- How fast does bread cool to room temperature?

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    I am a non technical person seeking some advise from experts. My question is like this -

    I get bread from the machine at 30 Deg. Celcius and store it at warehouse maintained at 25 Deg. Celcius along with some other bakery products. Our ware house has capacity to maintain 25 Deg. Celcius constantly. I am interested to know what would be temperature of bread after 1 hour, 2 hour, 3 hour and so on.
    Please advise me in this regard, it would be great help if some one provides formula to determine the same.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I can't be of too much help except to tell you that "bread" is an extremely broad category and I suspect that the specific heat varies a fair amount so you probably need to be more specific. Is it light and fluffy bread? Thick, heavy bread? What? How big are the loaves? Are they encased in plastic or open to the air? What? You see what I mean?

    I doubt that it matters at all anyway since the difference between 25C and 30C is pretty trivial.
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    I got curious and found that there is a review paper by Rask on thermal properties of dough and bread. The main result is compiled in this table on page 684 of the food properties handbook:

    http://books.google.nl/books?id=F9F...operties of dough and bakery products&f=false

    The crust has a heat capacity of 1.675 kJ/kgK, whereas the bread is 2.74-2.8 kJ/kgK. The thermal conductivity of the crust is 0.04-0.055 W/mK and for the bread it is 0.23-0.25 W/mK.
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