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Temple U for physics and engineering?

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    I'd like some honest feedback about this college please (it's in PA). I'm eying it for several reasons. For one, it's fairly cheap. This is important because whatever isn't covered by grants and scholarships will be coming from loans, as well as using them to pay my rent (I'm 33 and live on my own, full-time student, part-time job). Second, they have an arrangement worked out with my community college, so they are guaranteed to accept all my credits. Third, the Ambler campus is minutes from my house with a free shuttle service to the Philadelphia campus. So, Temple is looking like a good choice for me, but their physics department doesn't seem to be ranked very highly. Can anyone with some knowledge give some input about their physics and engineering departments?

    I want to dual major in physics and mechanical engineering before pursuing a master's in one or the other or astrophysics. I have 46 credits and a 3.8 gpa.
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    I got my BSME from Temple after transferring there with an AS in engineering from the local community college. Since I was over 25, the pell grant, pheea grant, and smart grant covered the entire tuition and then some. Apparently they've lost some of the state funding so I'm not sure what the tuition is nowadays. I also heard they have a waiting list now to get in. I had a lot of fun there and the professors are easily accessible since the class sizes are small. The food trucks right outside the egr building aren't too bad either.

    Be SURE to get your AS first though and do the 60 credit core-to-core transfer. If you transfer there under the 45+ plan, you're forced to take additional liberal arts classes which are an unnecessary pain in the butt.

    All in all, I truly do miss the place and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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