Temporal symmetry of nature violation according to nobel prize winner

  1. "..his equations indicated that atoms could indeed form a regularly repeating lattice in time, returning to their initial arrangement only after discrete (rather than continuous) intervals, thereby breaking time symmetry..."

    I was wondering about the theory's validity and if you had heard of it?


    P.S. I don't know if this is the right section.
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  4. Thanks, so they been disproved yet? The previous thread is old.
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    I'm not sure that there's any big movement to work on disproving the conjecture. The original info release was around Sept 2012. The article you linked had a quote from one of the Berkeley team that, " it may take “anywhere between three and infinity years” to complete, depending on funding or unforeseen technical difficulties..."

    That was April - I couldn't find anything newer than you did!
  6. I don't have an arxix or phy review account so could not view it. thanks again.
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    Please use the already existing thread that TumblingDice linked to.
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