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TeraHertz processors? How is this possible?

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    How is it even possible to have a single chip running at a speed of 1 THz, or 1,000 GHz? For example instead of having a single CPU running at 10 GHz, a quad-core, or Four processors on a single die, running in tandem a 2.5 GHz would equal or rival the performance of a 10 GHz chip. Running a single processor at those kinds of speeds would generate dangerous levels of heat and would need to be constantly cooled with liquid nitrogen.

    If not, it would very quickly catch fire or melt.

    Unless some major scientific breakthrough is made, I don't see how a THz CPU is possible. Right now, we have enough trouble trying to cool our CPU's @ 4 GHz using water cooling. I doubt we'll be seeing such computer technology until 2050-2060, if at all.
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    The article says it's for optical computers... So there is very little electrical current to create a lot of heat.
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    Could that same technology be used with graphics processors also? 5,000+ FPS with Crysis fully maxed out!
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