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Terrible experience in first integration (lebesgue) class

  1. Nov 16, 2014 #1

    I am in an undergraduate math major in an introductory graduate class on integration theory and it has truly been an unpleasant experience. I feel the instructor(who is teaching it for the first time) is pretty much completely disconnected from the students in his assignments and interpretation of our understanding.

    It is the first math class where I can say I don't really understand how to do many of the homework problems(a handful of difficult problems which are often made up or are on material we haven't covered ironically), which is sad because it is a subject I value and want to learn.

    I may be able to get out of it with a C but I leave open the possibility of failing.

    This experience makes me question if I want to continue in applied mathematics. While generally I am pretty capable should my experience here make me question my ability to perform in graduate school?

    What impact will getting an F have? I have another year to retake the class if I want to(with someone else teaching it, the classes difficulty varies wildly depending on the instructor - had I taken it last year I would have had an A right now).

    I take solace in the fact the graduate students are experiencing the same thing(and they are in groups passing around solutions via email), so it is not a fundamental defect unique to myself, but that doesn't really solve my problem.
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    Is there an option to drop it? or to switch to another math class?

    Sometimes the instructor is just not right for you. I once took a algebraic topology course, thinking it would advance my mathematical understanding of GR and Unified Field theory, that I was woefully unprepared for under the hubris that I being a physics major could learn any kind of math. I went into it with no understanding of set theory, group theory or proof skills beyond what I learned in highschool and was bowled over by the arcane definitions and the lack of applicability to the real world. All the other students were senior math majors and I was a junior physics major. The prof though knew my interest and limitations and must have graded me differently at least I managed to pass.
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    Afraid not, we're 2/3 done. I don't think the way this class is being taught is right for anyone unfortunately.
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