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Tests for qualitative analysis of bio-plastics/plastics?

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    I am researching on bio-plastics and have created bio-plastics out of two waste products. In order to check that whether I have actually created plastic, I carried out various tests such as testing the tensile strength( 1st batch could withstand 3-4 N and 2nd batch could withstand around 10 N ), insulation ( Both exhibit these properties) and malleability.
    Now that I am applying for patents, I feel that I need to carry out some standard experiments which have been carried out by people in order to test a plastic. I have contacted people from the university but to no avail.
    If anyone could provide a list of such tests along with proof to verify that those tests are actually carried out by people would be of great help to me.

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    Simon Bridge

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    Welcome to PF;
    Niggle: If you are measuring things, then it is not qualitative - it is quantitative.

    Your description is a bit puzzling:
    First you say you have "created" some plastics, and then you appear uncertain that you have "actually" created plastic. So my immediate questions are:

    What makes you think you have made any plastic at all?
    What makes you suspect that you may not have?

    Then you mention the possibility of patents ... what makes you think you have something patentable?
    It is unlikely you can patent the actual substance you have made, but that depends on the law in your jurisdiction.

    Now to your actual question:
    If you want to know what substances you have made, I think the first stop is a mass spectrometer.
    You will have to hire a materials scientist in your area to do the tests. This will go double if you anticipate having to convince a court about some features: a court will not take your word for it.

    I suspect you do not want to share the details of the process you used to "create bio-plastics" with us here, but if you do not, then there is little we can do to help you.
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    @Simon Bridge

    First of all sorry for messing up with the terms.
    Second, I do believe that I have created plastics as it exhibits properties as that of a plastic and second according to the research done the final product has to be plastic.
    I am not sure about it being plastic as in an experiment I do not know what the final outcome is. It might be plastic or it can be a by-product of me mixing various chemicals together.
    Third, I know that I cannot patent the actual thing but I am thinking about patenting the process as it is unique.
    As for the details of the process, I can mail it to you if you can give me your email id.

    I hope this answers all your queries.
    Thanks for replying by the way.

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    Simon Bridge

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    Sorry - you will have to hire an industrial chemist.
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    Ok thanks for the help!
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    Get yourself a copy of the Handbook of Plastics Technology. It should provide descriptions of all the physical tests that are commonly done, and may also have advertisements from established testing labs.

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    @Chestermiller thank you for replying. I will do so ASAP
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