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Textbook/resource request for first year linear algebra

  1. Sep 11, 2013 #1
    Hello PF,

    I am currently taking linear algebra (MATH 110) at Queen's University and I am finding it very difficult to grasp simple concepts presented in the course. Although the semester has just begun, I'm concerned that I may be lacking certain prerequisites needed to succeed in linear algebra.

    To note: I have no knowledge of formal mathematical proofs, little/no knowledge of vectors, and did not encounter matrices and complex numbers in previous math courses. The high school I went to placed little emphasis on the aforementioned topics, and thus I fear that I am at a disadvantage compared to other students in the class. The textbook we were assigned is called Linear Algebra: A Modern Introduction by Poole, and I am looking for more resources, textbooks, and lectures pertaining to linear algebra in order to aid my understanding of the material.

    Also, if you have any general advice for a first year undergraduate, I'd be more than willing to hear it :^)
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